Organofluorine chemistry:
science, technologies, manufacture since 1987

     SIA "P&M-Invest" Ltd. was organized in the period of "Perestroika" in USSR, in 1987. The founder of the company is Professor Sergey Igumnov. He worked in that time as a Research Scientist of Laboratory of Organo-fluorine Chemistry in A.N.Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of Russian Academy of Sciences (INEOS RAS). The direction of company's activity was foregone.

     Over the years, SIA "P&M-Invest" Ltd. became a leading enterprise in the Russian chemical industry and a supplier of unique organo-fluorine products with the special application. The company carries out scientific researches under the development of methods of synthesis and creates its own technologies for its internal production (see in details "directions"). SIA "P&M-Invest" Ltd. supplies organo-fluorine compounds for pharmaceutics, electronics, polymer chemistry and other fields of industry, whereas the most of organo-fluorine compounds are produced according to its own original technologies in pilot and commercial quantities. Over the years, the company got more than 30 patents in Russia and abroad. SIA "P&M-Invest" Ltd. takes an active part in different international conferences and exhibitions, devoted to the problems of obtainment and usage of organo-fluorine compounds.

     Over 30 years, the number of employees is increased several times, and nowadays the company continues to develop dynamically.

     In 1998 SIA "P&M-Invest" Ltd. founded scientific electronic journal Fluorine Notes, devoted to the problems of organo-fluorine chemistry. To this day, more than 110 issues of the journal were published. It contains the articles of both Russian and foreign authors. The journal is published in two languages Russian and English, issued six times a year and referenced in Chemical Abstracts.

     From the first years of its activity, the company oriented to the international market. Currently up to 90 % of our products are exported in different countries of the world. 30 years ago, the company began from the synthesis of several hundreds of organo-fluorine compounds, and currently it produces more than 2000 items, the majority of which is transferred to commercial production. Our own low-tonnage production was organized in 2001. The total volume of the production is 20 -25 MT per year.

     The company is ISO certified since 2012.

     In 2017, we signed the agreement to establish a joint venture together with Chinese company Qi-Chem. The joint venture Q&P technology Co, ltd. launched the production of chloropentafluorobenzene, hexafluorobenzene and pentafluorophenol at the factory of Qi-Chem in China on the basis of the technology developed by SIA "P&M-Invest" Ltd in September 2017.

     Our company is the leading enterprise in the modern science. Our company is a friendly team of highly-qualified specialists, capable to solve the most difficult synthetic tasks in the field of organ-fluorine chemistry.