Organofluorine chemistry:
science, technologies, manufacture since 1987
15 June 2020
From June 15, 2020 SIA P&M-Invest resumes its work in full. Waiting for your orders!
27 March 2020
Suspension of work

Dear Colleagues! The SIA PiM-Invest suspends work from March 28 to April 30, 2020 due to quarantine activities related to the Covid -19 coronavirus pandemic.

2 December 2019
New compounds are now available, catalog numbers 2185 and 2186
  • 2185 , 4,4,5,5,5-Pentafluoropentan-1-thiol
  • 2186 , 4,4,5,5,5-Pentafluoropentyl thiocyanate
  • These substances are used, in particular, for the production of Fulvestrant - a drug for the treatment of cancer.
11 November 2019
CPhI Germany 2019

Our company took part in the CPhI Germany 2019 exhibition held on November 5-7, 2019, in Frankfurt, Germany.


15 April 2019
CPhI Japan 2019

Our company took part in the exhibition CPhI Japan 2019, held March 18-20, 2019, in Tokyo, Japan. We also held meetings with our partners from Japan.

15 November 2018
Conference at INEOS RAS

Our company will take part in the annual open contest -conference of research works "INEOS OPEN CUP", which will take place in the
A.N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of Russian Academy of Science (INEOS RAS) from 19th to 21st of November 2018.

14 November 2018
*****NEW YEAR SALE*****

Our company is running the New Year Sale of our stock products from 15th of November to the end of the year.

If you buy the products at the amount 5 000 Euro, you will get 5% discount, at the amount 10 000 eur -10 % discount , and at the amount 15000 - 15 % discount.

17 October 2018
CPhI Worldwide 2018 - results

On the exhibition CPhI Worldwide  that took place in Madrid, P&M-Invest co-exhibited with Chinese company Qi-Chem for the first time. During the exhibition, we presented the Joint Venture Q&P Technology ltd.


The result of the exhibition was the perspective of development of our Joint Venture and also the expansion of our client base 

25 September 2018
CPhI Worldwide 2018

We will be exhibiting at CPhI Worldwide, international specialized exhibition of Pharmaceutical industry,

which will take place in Madrid from 9th to 11th of October 2018. We'll be glad to meet you at our booth 10D98 

4 June 2018
The negotiations with Unimatec and Marubeni took place from May, 31 to June 1

During the negotiations, the parties discussed the completion of the research agreement and start of a new

joint project. Representatives of Unimatec and Marubeni companies visited our pilot production.

21 May 2018
Attention! All scientists, students & PhD candidates!

P&M-Invest continue promotion!

We offer our products as free sample, subject to the publication of their results in our journal "Fluorine notes". The compounds are provided in the quantity 5-20 g (not more than 3 compounds one-time). The research results, obtained based on each sample, should be published within 6 months. Only "products from stock" are involved into this promotion.

1 February 2018
New compounds are now available, catalog numbers 2083, 2084, from 2087 to 2090 and 2093
  • 2083, Bis(trifluoromethyl) disulfide
  • 2084Bis(4H-octafluorobutyl) disulfide
  • 2087, Bis(5-fluorsulfonylperfluoro-3-oxapentyl) disulfide
  • 2088, Bis(perfluoro-6-vinyl-4-methyl-3,6-dioxahexyl) disulfide
  • 2089, Bis(7-methoxycarbonylperfluoro-4,7-dimethyl-3,6-dioxaheptyl) disulfide
  • 2090, 1,1,1-Trifluoromethanesulfinyl chloride
  • 2093, 2-(Bromodifluoromethyl)-2,4,4,5,5-pentafluoro-1,3-oxathiolane
30 January 2018
New patent was granted

RU2641110 (C1) 2018-01-16


27 November 2017
Conference in Quzhou

       Members of P&M-Invest team ,Professor Igumnov Sergey and Boiko Vladimir took part in the conference "Technology and Innovation Industrial Policy Symposium on Advanced Fluorine-Containing Materials in Asian-Pacific Region & The 2nd International Symposium on Collaborative Innovation from Green Fluorine-Chemical Technology", which was held from 16th to 18th of November in Quzhou, China.

     The organizer of the conference Professor W. Zhu and a number of leading Chinese scientists presented their reports.

      Invited foreign scientists in the field of organofluorine chemistry like Doctor T. Umemoto (Japan), Professor V. Prakash Reddy (USA), Professor N. Shibata (Japan), V. E. Boiko (Russia) also addressed the conference.



      Vladimir Boiko made a report on methods of synthesis of trimethylalkylsilanes. During summarizing Professor Sergey Igumnov pointed out that, trifluoromethyl- and perfluoroarylsilanes would soon become relatively cheap, so that it was necessary to develop the methods of their application for introduction of perfluorinated fragments into molecules of organic compounds, which are used not only in pharmaceutics, but also in agrochemistry and special materials.

24 November 2017
News of Joint Venture

     It took place an unveiling ceremony of Joint Venture "Q&P Technology Co., Ltd.".


     The manufacture of chloropentafluorobenzene, hexafluorobenzene & pentafluorophenol has been started with the total capacity 200 MT per year. We could increase capacity, when it would be required. It is of prime importance that hexachlorobenzene is not used in our manufacture, which one is prohibited under Stockholm Convention.

11 October 2017
Participation in CPhI Worldwide 2017

Our company takes part in the 28th International exhibition of the pharmaceutical industry CPhI Worldwide 2017, which will be held Frankfurt am Main from 24th to 26 th of October. Our colleges can be seen at the booth of Qi-Chem Company as representatives of our Joint venture.

28 September 2017
Work of Joint Venture
The Joint venture between Qi-Chem and P&M-Invest (Q&P Technology Co., Ltd.) launched the production of chloropentafluorobenzene, hexafluorobenzene and pentafluorophenol at the factory of Qi-Chem in China.

12 April 2017
Pentafluorophenol production

The launch of new production on the basis of the technology developed by P&M-Invest is one of the main activities of our company.Within the framework of an establishment of Joint Venture between the Chinese company Qi-Chem and P&M-Invest at the present time there is Pentafluorophenol's technology development by the representatives of the company Qi-Chem the subsequent production of this product at factory in China. Learning new technologies developed by P&M-Invest is going on at the experimental site near Moscow.

Pentafluorophenol is the main starting material for the production of the drug Sofosbuvir, which is widely used for the treatment of hepatitis C worldwide. Due to the fact that the market consumption of this product is growing rapidly, the need for medical drug is large.

17 February 2017
Negotiations between Qi-Chem and P&M-Invest, had resulted in the signing of an agreement to establish a joint venture.

Negotiations, held on February 14-17 between Qi-Chem and P&M-Invest, had resulted in the signing of an agreement to establish a joint venture.

The registration of joint venture is scheduled for April, 2017.


9 February 2017
Attention! All scientists, students & PhD candidates!

P&M-Invest offers “products from stock” as free samples (not more then 3 substances) in the quantity 5-20g, subject to the publication of their results, obtained based on each sample, in our journal “Fluorine notes” within 6 months. The promotion is valid within 2017.

Note: The delivery of free of samples is paid by receiver.

22 October 2016
P&M-Invest took part in international pharmaceutical exhibition CPhI Worldwide
P&M-Invest took part in international pharmaceutical exhibition CPhI Worldwide, which was held in Barcelona on 4 -5 of October
27 June 2016
New compounds are now available, catalog numbers from 2027 to 2039