Organofluorine chemistry:
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Customer Support

Customer support


Inquiries should include the name of the product, quantity and CAS number. Please specify the quality and packaging requirements. If you will not find interested product by you in our catalogue, send your inquiry and we will consider our possibilities to produce it.


Orders are accepted by e-mail or fax 24 hours a day – acknowledgement of such orders will made during normal office hours. Stock items will ship within 2 days of order receipt. According to your request we could complete the parcel with several items in order to save the delivery cost for you. if there is no product at stock, we will confirm the estimated terms of production.

Payment Methods

We accept payments only by wire transfer. Our accountant will provide all required bank information. P&M-Invest does not accept credit cards.

Quality Control

Quality Management System

P&M-Invest is certified to standard ISO9001:2011. We can supply a copy of the certificate on request.

Analytical Test Methods

The main analytical methods are mass spectroscopy, GH, NMR spectroscopy, Fischer assay and rectification assay. Also depending upon the complexity of the determination of the impurity, we use other required methods.

MSDS & Certificate of Analysis

To view MSDS & Certificate of Analysis data, search for the chemical you are interested in and view the Downloads section associated with that chemical.